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Aids to Scouting for NCO and Men by Baden-Powell

This was, if I recall correctly, B-Ps first book, and while it might seem odd to recommend a book on scouting, written in the 1800s, it is still one of the best overall looks at the skills needed for reconnaissance and surveillance, from an irregular perspective. Obviously, you’re not going to get any recommendations on night-vision devices, drones, and other techno-marvels, but the fundamental skills of observation, tracking, and fieldcraft will be discussed, along with interesting ways to train and practice those skills.

The American Rifle: A Treatise by Townsend Whelen

Whelen was one of the great American outdoor writers. This is one of the quintessential manuscripts on American rifle marksmanship and handling. Even though it is written around the 1903 Springfield, the fundamentals of application herein apply whether you’re shooting a bolt gun, a muzzleloader, or the latest iteration of…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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