Waylays & Ambushcades: A Free Book On Historical Scouting


He (Jesse Hughes) never worked, but spent his time hunting and scouting. His clothing was colored in the ooze made from the bark of the chestnut oak; he would wear no other color, this shade harmonizing with the forest hues and rendering him less conspicuous to game and Indians. When scouting, his dress consisted only of the long hunting shirt, belted at the waist. Open leggings, moccasins, and a brimless cap; or a handkerchief bound about his head. Thus dressed, he was ever ready for the chase, or the trail of the Indian foe.

The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795 By Lucullus McWorther

Holy Serf sent in his compilation of historical accounts from the early days of Ranging. Going back to the pre-Revolution era through the days of the Appalachian Mountain Men, its full of great vignettes of the origins of small unit patrolling as we…

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