80% Build, 25 Round Semi Auto 12ga Shotgun Kit

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update, Sunday 24, February 5:18pm:  Part II of the concept prototype build is up: FU25-12: 12 Gauge Auto Combat Shotgun Build: Part II

With the advent of the 80% home built weapons market becoming so popular, and the sublime freedom of making your own personal arsenal, has inspired me to create weapons of my own design.

The 12ga weapon pictured below is of my own design, a 25 round “Feed Tray” fed, gas impingement operated, semi auto shotgun.

It is constructed almost entirely out of chrome moly aerospace specification precision tubing and bar stock. The design incorporates a number of AR10 and AR15 components, such as buffer/spring system, trigger/safety group, a modified 80% forged AR15 lower receiver, these are proven reliable components, making the entire design much less complicated and is of a great savings in materiel costs and labor.

No promises, my intent from the beginning, and many factors…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.