Historical Amnesia: It’s Happening Again

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Please take time to read this timely article; h/t GVDL.

The Communists won, notwithstanding the 1989-93 dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The adaptive amongst them – both in the West and the East – have mutated and expanded their power through both technology, economic development, and – shamefully – the success of anti-history.

Combined with their Islamic allies-of-temporary-convenience, the New Breed Totalitarians stand on the cusp of victory in North America, the former Western Europe, and most of South America.

Their game is what it always is: disinformation, ruthless commitment to objectives, adaptability to changing conditions, and a multi-decade focus on incremental success.

Solzhenitsyn told you in the Seventies.

Bezmenov told you 35 years ago, in this video:

Kundera has now told you as well.

Their time is here.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.