Practical Praxis & Other Tricks For Resistance Or When It Goes Down The Crapper

Dirt People

Quick down & dirty start, a post in progress. Got a slew of links & resources to add to this list. From a decade of personally archived alt-media resources:

My psuedo post “SHTF for Dummies”, (I begin with myself, why I collected this stuff)

Starting things off right. Max Velocity’s Code of Conduct. A code of virtues and precepts for the prepared. The stuff of the warrior spirit and action. More than that, our Colonial Era forebears would would find much to their hearts & minds inherent. The man put his heart into this. Excellence be they name: Printable PDF file


How to make injectable Lidocaine HCL The supplies required are available OTC.

An outstanding, barely known, and maybe unintentional essay, maybe the author had to be coy with 4th G and unconventional warfare, avoid going against US military dogma and convention, a treatise really, on “LIC”, Low Intensity…

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