There Is No Legitimacy of Government As It Exists Now: It’s Entire Reason of Existing Is To Survive It’s Illegitimacy.

Dirt People

There is no legitimacy of government as it exists. There is no legitimacy of government as it exists.There is no legitimacy of government as it exists. It’s entire reason of existence is to survive the illegitimate state it is. Of course goes without saying it did not happen overnight. As rotten as that truth is, never mind the thought us dirt people have been misled and deceived for generations, going back to the eve of the war of northern aggression where the plausible deniability form of government we are saddled with today was first implemented. There is a straight unbroken line of plausible deniability from 1860 to today. A veritable system of treason. It is not acts of treason, it is treason as a continuous functioning element within the activities of those running this government. An unbroken tribal system of circumnavigating the governing principles which where intended to prohibit…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.