WRSA State Of The Union Forum: Where We Are, How We Got Here, & Where We Are Going

Western Rifle Shooters Association

UPDATE 1500 EST 5 FEBRUARY 2013: Many thanks to our panelists and our audience. To accommodate folks, we are going to keep the comments going through tomorrow at least and the end of this week at the latest. Moderation will be as frequent as we can make it.

Please make sure to consider purchasing our participants’ books (if you haven’t already). You will find them all well worth your time and study.


I am deeply indebted to our panelists today, who have taken time from their busy lives to share their thoughts on America, circa 2013, with the WRSA readership. Comments are enabled through midnight tonight and will be moderated as quickly as possible during the interactive portion of this exercise, which will end at approximately 3 pm est today. Folks on East Coast time should remember that some of our panel is in different time zones.


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