A Truly Stunning Unedited Reveal of The Candid Derogatory View Federal Employee’s Hold For Us Deplorable’s (updated 12-19)

Dirt People

Updated 12-19

Number of sites have picked up on this revelation this morning:

Daily Caller: REPORT: Fed Agency Committed ‘Militaristic’ Operation Against Nevada Rancher

Captn’s Journal: Buffoonery And Illegalities In The Bureau Of Land Management BY HERSCHEL SMITH

WRSA: They Hate You


Where it started:

Gary Hutnt’s Outpost of Freedom blog: The Bundy Affair #23 Larry Wooten – Ethical Government Employee, and Rare His expose on BLM

Gary Hunt, the indomitable citizen journalist who runs Outpost of Freedom blog, has covered the Bundy & Burns events from the start beating the pavement as a real journalist or reporter, has anonymously received 18 pages of communications from the inner sanctum of the BLM that must be read for yourself to grasp the scope of hate & derision held for the Ranchers prosecuted under federal trial.

I’ve read the disclosure end to end, it is difficult to find words which adequately…

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