Clandestine Communications Part One: One Time Pads (OTPs), by Patriotman

Given the current climate and direction of the United States, I believe all American Partisan readers would agree that knowing clandestine communication methods is a useful arrow to have in our quiver. One such method for encrypting clandestine communications is the One Time Pad, or OTP. An OTP is a method of encryption that uses basic addition and subtraction to create a coded message, and is simply a table of numbers grouped into five digits (seen in Figure 1). Both the person sending the message and receiving the message have the pad, but no one else does. This means that the method is particularly strong against “Man in the Middle” attacks because even if the message is intercepted by enemy SIGINT operations, it is nearly impossible to decode unless you have the pad. It is called “one time pad” because once that pad is used once, it is never used again. Thus, even if a single pad is captured, it does not compromise the entire communication chain. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS SPECIFIC TRAINING PAD FOR ACTUAL SECURE MESSAGES.

Source: Clandestine Communications Part One: One Time Pads (OTPs), by Patriotman

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.