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The FBI maintains an extensive federal DNA database. Interestingly enough, while the database is made up of convicts, those charged with a crime, etc., if the US gets a database like Rwanda, in which all citizens are sampled, it’ll be largely because of consumer DNA testing such as what you can do with or 23andMe. Even Slate is sounding the alarm. Imagine instead that the federal government established a database for which people could volunteer genetic profiles—but that the decision about whether to volunteer your DNA belonged not to you, but to your third cousin. Would you be OK with that? Before you think that’s crazy, it’s already been done several times. Sites like Ancestry are treasure troves for DNA evidence because not only do people submit their data voluntarily to the site for the purposes of “finding their heritage,” but they often make the results public to other users of the site. When you upload a DNA sample, you’re shown the people who are related to you, however tangentially, and you’re off to the races, discovering your long lost family. This can be used in all sorts of ways; not only could you identify the perpetrator of a violent crime, but governments and other entities can misuse the data — because that’s what happens to any personal data. It gets misused.

Source: National DNA Database? It’s Already Happening | American Partisan

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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