What Me?! Sneaky Wabbits: Let’s Change Up The Original Intent of The 2nd Amendment When No One Is Looking: How They Parse Us: Plausible Deniability As Pure Power To Decieve: A Constitutional Convention By Punctuation and You Ain’t Invited

Dirt People

It matters. Really matters.

The 2nd Amendment, a crucial, and the most generally agreed upon Amendment and condition of ratification of The USC, by the individual but separate, (critically important), sovereign states, The Peoples, get that, The People, not the governments, Right To Arms became almost a uniformly universal ratifying condition set by these states before they would sign on the dotted line. Can it be any plainer than that. A truly relative condition and integral inherent foundational inclusive historical precedent component of our governing document, The US Constitution.

So it begs, it screams, the question, WTF!: just who the hell has been messing with the written structure of the 2nd Amendment??? Why are they altering its foundational meaning and intent? Not how they whoever “they” is, changed the 2nd Amendment, this is self evident, but why and for what purposes was this undertaken, is the salient question. But to…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.