Campfire Time, Or, Shootin’ the Shit…


(I’ve decided, since these seem to be pretty popular with readers, and are pretty cake to write anyway, that I’m going to try and include these stream-of-conscious articles about stuff I’ve been thinking about over the week, that didn’t warrant a full-blown article….)

1) I’ve never liked “button” compasses, but I’ve kept one on my watchband for most—not all—of the last thirty years. As a guy who learned land navigation as a RIP candidate, and later as a Ranger private, when our GPS were shoebox sized “Pluggers” the batteries of which last about five fucking minutes, I’ve always had pretty set views on what constituted valid land navigation.

I wore a button compass on my watchband in high school, because it seemed like the cool, outdoors-guy, survivalist thing to do, but I didn’t actually know fuck-all about using a compass for navigation (I once got lost as fuck, despite having…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.