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1) Jungle SNAFUS….and How to Remedy Them, Cresson Kearny, PhD.

My copy came in last week, finally. I read it in two nights. I would have read it in one night, but my wife woke up, and caught me sitting up reading it, at 3AM, and insisted I needed to go the fuck to sleep, or I was going to be a bear the next day. Since I wear exactly which pants she tells me to each day, I did as ordered.

That having been said…while I have some issues with this book, I really, really recommend it, especially if you’re prior service with your only deployment experience being to the Middle East, if you live in a tropical or subtropical environment, or if you’re in the military and anticipate maybe being sent somewhere tropical in the near future.

There ARE some things I disagree with. I think part…

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