Sailer: What Is This?


It is the Communist media and its entertainment wing pushing at least the hot-flashing hordes of hopeless cat ladies that still watch CBS streaming clitcoms to accept anti-white violence.

The Reds are on the move.

Normies are enstupefied by sportsball and other panem et circenses.

And many of the anti-Reds?

Tempus fugit.


  1. LOL.

    It’s always some guy in the back of an old Chevy C/K pickup waving a US flag that is the boogeyman of the left. They neatly tie-in the yellow vest movement with Nazism there too – except it’s US rednecks with red vests this time around.

    • Well it’s worked for them in the past so why wouldn’t they keep using it…You have to give them credit they do know how to use propaganda to it’s maximum effect…

    • Matt Bracken 

      A secondary purpose of the red vests in the show is to smear the French yellow vests as evil nationalist near-Nazis, who are trying to wreck the beautiful EU dream of a post-national France under Macron.

      Demonstrators wearing colored safety vests = evil fascist monsters is a big part of the show’s message.

      (OTOH, Antifas wearing black masks on violent missions are heroes.

  2. Potatoes are good, just bury them and they’ll contribute.

  3. Shows like this are govt. propaganda to incite violence and then clamp down on citizens(or try to anyhow).Stick to your beliefs/defend yourself but do not fall for the nonsense,msm will have their day soon enough.

  4. Bonaventure 

    And speaking of the communist media… a brief rundown of what happens when one makes a move that goes against the Hollywood/Marxist narrative.

    A quick list of troubles:
    —Record companies refused to license music — normally a routine transaction—at any price.
    —Despite a total lack of sex, violence, or profanity, the blood shown in an abortion scene was all the MPAA to slap it with an “R” rating.
    —Every TV network except Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network refused to run ads for its release.
    —the day after the film’s release, Twitter “accidentally” banned “Unplanned’s” account.

  5. Matt Bracken 

    The Left is gearing up for genocide against whites. Before every genocide, the targeted scapegoats are demonized in the media.

    Turkey/Armenians, USSR/Kulaks, Germany/Jews, China/landlords, Cambodia/intellectuals, Rwanda/Tutsis etc etc etc.

    The message being sent by this show is clear: the “white nationalist” scapegoats are evil monsters, “irredeemable deplorables,” and what can you do with irredeemables but do away with them? The social approval of the pre-genocide scapegoat message has a clear purpose, it’s psychological battle-space preparation.

    This is why the globalist/communist Left is conflating Nazism with “white nationalism,” which is their term for heritage American patriots.

    The problem for the Left is that heritage American patriots are armed to the teeth, and won’t be disarmed short of a bloody civil war, which the Left will probably lose, and lose badly.

    People living in glass houses should not throw stones, and people who live by the millions jammed into blue hives where every drop of water, box of food, gallon of fuel, and watt of electricity must be imported from the hostile heritage American hinterland should not instigate a civil war.


    • First sentence:

      The Left is gearing up for genocide against whites.

      All whites.

      Which, however amusing it is to imagine the catlady cabal getting Africanized, means that the Reds will kill you and your family first, to the writhing-screamed approval of those culture-traitors before they get theirs.


    • just add violence 

      Yup, it’s dealt serious.

      … yet, not even a hint as usual it’s the jews ultimately behind it all for their agenda/end game.

    • So right. Thank you, again, Matt.

    • In my boot camp of the late 60’s we were required to watch films of Communist and Nazi atrocities. It made me want to puke. I was just a kid and never had viewed anything like it. Saying to myself, “This can’t be real” but knowing that it was.
      The instructor said, “This is why you took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The evil men of this world will not stop until this nation is overrun.”

      It’s coming like a runaway train and we are powerless to stop it. But that doesn’t mean we are powerless.

      Get your mind right.
      Get your heart right.

      And for all you old goats out there, here’s your model.

    • NorthGunner 

      “The message being sent by this show is clear: the “white nationalist” scapegoats are evil monsters, “irredeemable deplorables,” and what can you do with irredeemables but do away with them? The social approval of the pre-genocide scapegoat message has a clear purpose, it’s psychological battle-space preparation.”

      The question always is, WHO is packaging and promoting it; the goal
      we already know – the genocide of white people via ‘demographic replacement’ if not by more ‘direct’ means.

      Brother Nathanael shines the light of truth onto WHO owns the media
      (and thereby who is packaging and promoting it):

      The Jews Who Own The Media

      Brother Nathanael – The Jew Who Rule America

      Before people can truly be free, they must understand not only
      what has been done to them to enslave them but more importantly
      by WHOM. That truth CANNOT be denied when a former member
      of the parasite class speaks truth as Brother Nathanael does
      for all the world to hear.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. It is time – no – it is past time, to give these Commutards something to riot about for real. Fort Sumter II where are you…..

  7. Lobotomies were child’s play compared to TV.

  8. Charley Waite 

    They are going to be surprised how many of us don’t give a shit and don’t punch back, but go straight to rock and roll. I feel that its like a clock thats being wound and wound and wound. That spring, when it goes, will go big.
    I’m sure I’ll be accused of being an internet tough guy. Whatever. I’m a live and let live guy but I’m fucking sick of it. And if I feel this way, I’m sure lots of other people more alpha and angry than me are right there.

  9. I saw the ads for that show “good fight”? on TV and it was straight up a bunch of office type respectable ((assorteds”) talking about forming an anti-trump resistance. Unbelievably irresponsible, what do they think promoting violence will get them.

    • Grenadier1 

      Their shows never get to the logical follow ups to these actions.
      i.e. You Punch someone unprovoked because you don’t like their politics, those people are justified in upping the violence in response.
      That violence WILL include the killing of writers, media and those that finance them.

    • NorthGunner 


      Brother Nathanael is more than happy to tell you
      WHO owns that media among other things and
      thereby quietly controls America:

      Brother Nathanael – The Jew Who Rule America

      They fully believe that they can control BOTH the
      intensity and direction of such violence..and even
      if it starts to create blowback there’s always the
      pre-arranged option of heading to the safety of their
      stolen Middle Eastern bolthole. They think that they
      are completely insulated from any negative effects
      since they ‘control the narrative’ (or so they think…
      more normies are waking up and tuning into alternative
      media like Red Ice TV/Radio, especially since their
      totally contrived and scripted Kabuki Theater Clownword
      orgy ‘Hearing’ last week).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. cucktrads n commietards.

    what’s the diff?

    both are under the spell of collectivism.

    neither truly wants liberty.

    both are the enemy.

  11. I have become a low level accelerationist , this may be red meat for the reds but it’s also what sold a million mags in CA last week. I hope they continue to pour forth the violent racist/commie lies and terrify the Normies and when the Normies get woke, start realizing that the MSM is main steaming perversion in all of their programing they will decide they need a gun and discover they can no longer own one because Muh UN, all the better because the reality is that there are more than enough to go round. The Globalists are on the move but they have not disarmed us, big mistake!

  12. Shinmen Takezo 

    I firmly believe that once Civil War II shakes completely out, when the buildings stop smoldering, when the reds wave the white flags and crawl back into their holes… that these networks, that these media companies, that these talking MSM heads, that that these actors and actresses that have been subverting this country for many generations now will all be part of the heaps of rubble across this land.

    I believe that these networks and studios and personalities will go the way of the French Revolution and that they will be completely torn down and dismembered until nothing of them exists to remind us of their filth. The losses on Wall street when these corporations are erased from the balance sheets will number in the trillions of dollars.

    Just a happy, happy–joy, joy Sunday morning thought.

  13. I love my Savage Scout 110 .308 — we’ve become such good friends these past few years

  14. ghostsniper 

    The great culling is way past due. You can’t save em all nor should you try. Their elimination is your salvation. They may be your wife, your son, your father, your neighbor. It is definitely all politicians and all media persons. Gather your stones and see what is there rather than what you wish. Those that falter will fall. Expanding population vs diminishing resources, somethings got to give. If you’re not in it for you, first, you aren’t in it at all.


Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.