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Linked here, this is a very good comparison of what China is doing versus the good ole US of A.  The key paragraph is in the conclusion as to why this is important:

“The list could be extended at length,tocover numbers of patents awarded, scientific papers published, quantum communications, investment in education and technological research and development, supercomputers and chip design and many other things. Beijing is clearly bent on Making China Great Again–as why should it not? Meanwhile America focuses more on transgender bathrooms and whether Bruce Jenner is a girl than on its endless and draining wars. China sends its brightest to the world’s best technical school while America makes its universities into playpens for the mildly retarded. The country crumbles but spends drunkenly of defective fighter planes it doesn’t need in the first place.

This won’t work a whole lot longer.”

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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