POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 2 – How to Identify Them In Today’s World

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Identify personality types during emergencies

Second post in a 4-parts series. Make sure you read yesterday’s post to more fully understand today’s post.

So how exactly do you identify who in a post-collapse is what type of person in today’s world?

Well, not real hard in some situations but it can be challenging and very tricky in others. So it is best to start with what type of person is now as to what they are likely to be when the stuff hits the fan.

Yes, this is generalizing people in broad categories; while in reality each person is different and unique.  Not all people may fit these generalized descriptions, but it is a starting place.  Here is a good start on identifying folks and what they look like today to know what they will look like in “grid-down”…

Sheep – This category will be the largest category of people, I am thinking upwards of…

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