POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 4 – Warning & Summary

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BigGovernmentIf any of you are reading this and you are an owner/master in sheep’s clothing just waiting for the right opportunity post-disaster to emerge and make power play know this…you will be found out. And when you are found out you won’t like the way you are dealt with. People will not tolerate evil, and owner/masters are evil…current blatant or latent.

sheep are good people too.For those of you that are sheep, I would strongly suggest you find a shepherd and get to know them well and join whatever organization they are currently leading; most probably a church. As a sheep you can be productive and useful, but only in the right group can you also be safe and happy. Consider taking the training to become a sheepdog. You probably have the capability inside you, it just needs to be nurtured and developed.

cops are herding dogsFor those of you that are currently herding dogs I would…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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