The Great Trade-Off

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Thoughts on Communism, then and now.

Going forward, please cluebat any Greenwoodian who doesn’t understand the following from Z Man, via Heartiste:

There’s also the fact that America has been a social democracy for close to a century now. Mostly what the Right in America has done since WW2 is perpetuate a fantasy that is not based in fact. Just about every aspect of American life is socialized to some degree.

There is no area of American life where the state does not play an active role and there is no redistributive goal of their involvement. The core of both parties, both sides of the ruling class, is packed to the gills with central planners. Their only dispute is about the resulting patronage.

One other factoid, relevant for its media/government-school-produced inevitability, via VD:

UK Daily Mail: Half of Millennials and Generation Z want employers to prioritize diversity…

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