Arkansas Capitol Police take their verified Intel from a White Nationalist, Billy Roper

Defunct 06/16/19

The Back Story:

Facebook has been buzzing about three particular responses from the Little Rock Police and Capitol Police. These being:

  • The introduction of a 12-15 seat Paddy-wagon, 8 bicyclist Officers, 2 snipers from the Arkansas National Guard, atop a nest on the building itself.
  • The mysterious security threat that Capitol police were unable to identify or justify concern.
  • The the shutdown to the Capitol property after I delivered the FOIA to Chance Powell, and the response of Capitol police to my presence. ( They were freaked out)

The White Separatist known as Billy Roper seems to have the Capitol Police by the ear.

This morning we made an impromptu post from our website to meet at the Capitol.

It appears billy roper shared it and tried to label us as dangerous extremist. And it looks like the Capitol Police took it and ran with it. Here’s the screen shots…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.