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There were a number of comments from last week’s articles that gave me good stuff to riff on for this week’s chats (as people who’ve been in classes with me will attest, I’m probably at my most comfortable discussing stuff that other people bring up anyway, so this works well.)

caffeine sourced from Monster™, coffee, soda-pops

[I’m a Physical Therapist specializing in geriatric nutrition. Thirty years experience, thousands of hours of teaching continuing education.]

The term ‘energy drink’ is a lie.

The human body recognizes caffeine as a poison. The reaction is an adrenaline dump to flush the poison. Repeating the infliction of poison results in repeated adrenaline dumps… resulting in adrenal fatigue. Although the effects vary, the adrenal glands may eventually collapse.

Human adrenal glands sit atop our kidneys. Research shows kidney failure is directly relatable to adrenal overload.

Avoid the potential for a lifetime of dialysis…

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