General Purpose Knives – An Opinion

The Defensive Training Group

Posted at AP* on 13 Apr 19.

*Originally posted with a pic of my Wall Model 18, which offended the sensibilities of a couple readers.  Maybe the Randall will assuage their angst.

While reading this piece, keep in mind the DTG definition of ‘General Purpose’:  Does does many things very well, some things good, and only a few things poorly.

Here’s our specs for a general purpose knife:

  • Full Tang (must)
  • Blade 6 to 9 inches – 8 inches is optimum:  Longer blades can do almost everything a small blade can do, but small blades can’t do half of what large blades can do when it comes field work.
  • Blade Style – Bowie clip or Drop Point (if clip point, false edge sharpened)
  • Blade Thickness – 3/16 to 3/8 inches (1/4 inch is the ideal, steel dependent)
  • Full Hilt – Provides good protection for the user’s hand – a lot…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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