Non-Survival Knives – Part 1: Gerber Mark, Guardian, and Command 1 & 2

The Defensive Training Group

Posted at AP on 17 June 18.

UNDER FIRE, Ed Harris, 1983,  (c)Orion Pictures*

*Mr. Harris’ character in that movie was attributed to be loosely (REALLY LOOSELY) based on Michael Echanis.  If you don’t know who Echanis is, look him up.  He was a forerunner in the 70’s to what ‘commando’ means today.  In fact, the way Harris is carrying his Gerber MK II is exactly the way my team carried theirs.  Except for the idiot who wanted to carry it upside down on his harness and lost it on the first training mission he carried it on.  Bigger tears were NEVER cried!

First, I must admit to being somewhat of a knife junkie.  I own a lot of them.  Name brands, knock-offs, GI issue, ‘made for the GI’ knives, Cold Steel, Gerber, Randall, Ontario, Camillus, Buck, Kukri, Wall, Edge Brand (German), CRKT, Case, Rubley, even a LFC, and some…

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