Non-Survival Knives – Part 3: The Randalls

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Posted at AP on 27 Sep 18.

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No discussion on ‘non-survival knives’ would be complete without describing a couple of the offerings by Randall Made Knives that are really, the cream of the crop when it comes to quality in knives.  There are many knives out there just as good as a Randall, but few and far between can ever be classified as better.  So, in the last of this series I’ll talk about two Randall Made Knives.  Most of their offerings are superb hybrid knives, meaning they are strong enough to be used for survival, attacking an enemy, and so on, such as the Model 14 “Attack” as pictured in the middle of the post.  However, they only make a couple that are strictly ‘Non-Survival Knives’.

First up is the Randall Model 2, pictured above, that appears to be a Model 2-7 (the second number…

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