How long do people wait to be treated in a single-payer health care system?


Instead of talking about single payer health care in the abstract (“wouldn’t it be nice if health care were free?”), let’s discuss a concrete case of a single payer health care system. Canada’s health care system is a pure government-funded system.  Canadian residents pay money into the system via taxation. And when they get sick, they go into a government-run hospital and ask for government-run health care. The idea of single payer health care makes a lot of politicians feel good, and it draws applause when they talk about it in the abstract. But forget the abstract. How well does it work in reality?

Here’s an article from a Canadian health care policy expert, Sally C. Pipes.

She writes:

The Canadian single-payer regime subjects thousands of patients to life-threatening delays for treatment.

Our northern neighbors’ wait times grow longer with each passing year. According to the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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