Winchester 670 Range Performance

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Posted at AP on 31 Oct 18.

In part 1, here, I described the Winchester 670 and a little bit of its history along with some of the unique features I found:

  • Completely unbedded action.
  • Original ‘Tip Off’ scope ring mounts.
  • A 3X9 X 40 once inch ‘tee vee’ screen scope.
  • Factory iron sights.
  • 19 inch carbine barrel.
  • Exceptional trigger (for an ‘economy’ rifle).

On the weekend of 26 October 2018, I took it to my KDR (Known Distance Range) to check out it’s accuracy potential on a bench.  I took two different brands of ammo with me that had some common characteristics (besides being .30-06).  Both had a 165gr Sierra HPBT Game King mounted on very nicely polished brass.  Brands:  Omega Ammo (now apparently out of business – their link loads with ‘we’re down for maintenance’ and has been doing that since February 19) & Fiocchi; and both…

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