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1) I know I was supposed to do Part Two of the Junk on the Bunk series, but we are unexpectedly (unexpected only to me. I’ve known about this for a couple months, but forgot, until HH6 reminded me of it the other day…)out of town, and I didn’t get a photo taken of the gear I was going to discuss, before we left, so it will have to wait. I will try to get it out later this week, as well as the From the Library article, but, well, it’s spring, which means we are busier than the proverbial one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, so it will probably not happen until next week. I’ve known I was gonna cover a couple of these topics this week, so I am sitting in the hotel room, knocking this one out, while I wait for the kids to fall asleep. I…

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