From A Reader: R-Pi OTP/DRYAD True Hardware RNG How-To


Yet another way to use open source tech for great purposes. Good work TJ.


I had been looking for a way to generate OTPs that would (in theory) be as secure as possible without the encumbrance and time involved by using dice, locked in a windowless basement with a Smith-Corona. I also wanted to be able to make them as small as possible. After a lot of digging that was only mildly fruitful, I decided to make one myself. I also wanted it so that I – and anyone else capable of following a recipe – could make more with a minimum of trouble.

“R-Pi OTP/DRYAD True Hardware RNG How-To”

There are only three ways that I know of to generate a truly random One Time Pad – for the “regular guy”: 1) The old-fashioned way with a set of dice (preferably 10-sided) and paper/pencil; 2) purchase one…

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