Intolerance Of Blasphemy


This is how a Western state fights cultural barbarism: a 51-year-old female “artist” was arrested in Poland for profaning the image of Virgin Mary and Jesus by filling their halos with rainbow colors. She faces two years in prison.

Freedom and tolerance, and the enforcement of those ideals, has always been a who-whom deal.

Polish interior minister Joachim Brudziński announced the arrest, saying she was detained for “carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa.” The Black Madonna of Częstochowa is a Byzantine icon that is housed in the country’s holiest Catholic shrine.

Telling stories about freedom and ‘tolerance’ doesn’t give anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers,” Brudziński said, adding that the paintings are “cultural barbarism.”

I won’t post an image of her work, it’s shown under the link above. The witch went for full blasphemy: the Madonna of Częstochowa is the most sacred of Poland’s…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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