CTX-10 Updates


Both the readers here and the folks who’ve taken the RTO Course know I’m a big fan of the CTX-10. It’s small, self contained, backwards compatible with Yaesu interface equipment, and pushing 10 watts its very effective in a wide variety of modes (especially CW!). And its American made. But the great folks over at CommRadio are making it even better.

From CommRadio:

Several updates to the CTX-10 coming down the pipe – MARS (general coverage transmit) will be available. This will require a trip to the mother ship to have a few capacitors removed. Also dual VFO so you can transmit and receive on completely different frequencies on the same band.

That’s a big deal, considering the number of you involved in MARS that have asked if this mod was available, and the dual VFO is an excellent upgrade. If that wasn’t enough, Portable Zero is…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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