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Storing Food Without Refrigeration by Carol Shearlock

I found this one on the shelf at Cabela’s. It was alright, but even though it includes “Off grid” living in the subtitle, it’s really geared towards RV life and camping in the short term. I don’t think I saw much that was legitimately “long term” food storage ideas that wasn’t the typical “put dried foods in a bucket with an oxygen absorber.” Meh.

Irish Folk Ways by E. Estyn Evans

I found this at a local used book store. It’s a really cool look at the way the folks of Eire dealt with life. Think “The Foxfire Books” for Ireland. I love old folk ways books like this, because even if they’re not tutorials, they give us ideas to explore, to discover ways of doing things to prepare for a post-grid environment. Recommended.

531 Forever by Jim Wendler

This is the fourth…

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