Junk on the Bunk: The Bump in the Night Kit


To begin this article, although it shouldn’t be, I feel like I better preface this by pointing out, as I did in the first installment, in EDC, this is my personal solution to a specific contextual problem. It’s not going to work for you—probably—because of differences in circumstance, including background/training/experience, location/neighborhood, likely/potential threats, and logistics. So, before some mouthbreathing fuckwit goes off on, “That’s not a very realistic loadout! Mosby’s LARPing, try reading the fucking article, and actually consider the reasons WHY I chose the equipment and setup that I chose.

To begin with, let’s look at my situation:

I live in a rural location. There are two “roads” (and I am using the term excruciatingly loosely) leading to the farm. One if an old logging trail that is largely grown over with brush, because nobody uses it except one of the neighbors, and they only drive it on ATVs…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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