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This article series seems to be rapidly turning into “John’s Responses to Reader Comments and Queries.” I’m completely cool with that. If you have something you want me to address, either comment on the article(s) in question, or drop me an email, and I’ll try to hit it in these each week.

Just recognize…you might not like my response.

All right. This one is kinda long. Take a knee, drink water, etc….

1) Just curious, by 62 grain I assume you mean M855? Is that what you keep with your AR for ‘bump in the night’ situations, or is that what you grabbed specifically to shoot that deer? I keep a couple mags loaded with Hornady TAP with the ballistic tips with the idea being that they will be more likely to do soft tissue damage to an intruder. I keep a couple mags of both 55 and 62 grain…

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