From A Reader: PRC-64 HF Test Report From Jungle Conditions, 1967


PRC-64 Test Report In Jungle Conditions

Since you teach classes using equipment in said scenarios, I’m forwarding it to you in case you have never read it.
A little old, but in my humble opinion (Signal Corp–Vietnam and 50+ year ham), the principles are generally the same, and the equipment “needs” mostly still apply “today”.
Luckily, today we have equipment like the KX3 and CTX10 that are far better in selected aspects than the equipment they were researching/designing (the PRC-64) when this was written.
Also note the interesting table contained in the article showing the attenuation of HF signals by frequency in a jungle (heavy foliage) environment.


The above is an excellent reference to have and not simply for the results of vegetation loss in dense forest- an environment which if you’ve trained with me on the east coast you know we have- but also for the preface…

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