The Guerrilla’s Kilometer: An Initial Conversation

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Between two like-minded folks; edited for PERSEC only:


With the recent post regarding long range shooting in mind, I though you would find this of interest.

I had occasion recently to observe a long range match. The format of this match is informal; you get three tries at each of 25 targets. Any rifle up to .30 cal, any sights, bipod/bags/rests encouraged. Although it is classified as ‘unknown distance’ ranges were provided. You get a bonus point for each of 10 first round hits; before this match no-one had ever shot this match clean.

The weather that day was decent, with temps starting in the low 60s and getting up to the upper 80s. Winds were switchy; fickle and variable, but light, 3-5 mph; conditions shifted quickly, especially later in the day. Quick followups often made the difference between 2nd round hits and 3 misses; those who were single…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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