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I’ve only got a couple of books this week.

A Great State: Aftermath

This is the second book by Ms. Gallagher, in her A Great State series, titled The Aftermath. Same characters, trying to make it in a harsh environment, in a world turned harsher than they expected. Not going to lie, there’s a couple of bad guy characters this time that are pretty over-the-top, but considering part of it is set in Portland, Oregon, and PDX is full of over-the-top characters, even now, it’s not too bad.

Best part of the book is the ending. I don’t want to ruin it with a spoiler, but let’s just say, Ms. Gallagher gets it. Sometimes, the people you would least expect to do so, actually have the werewithal to go stone cold bad motherfucker when you get them pissed off or scared enough.

I’m really excited to see book three…

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