Deep State Wins!

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Explainer at Cold Fury.

Harmony by Z Man.

The Flaming Twenties will be as dangerous as any period in American history for everyone who believes in individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, and private property.

A reader sends this example: is a video that was linked to by Wirecutter at today. This video illustrates the swarm nature and functional differentiation of antifa in crowds.

Of note, they are more coordinated than I had considered. I do wonder how/where they practice their tactics. US Military forces do a series of rehearsals for actions, where do these “people” do this? How have they solidified tactical roles?

Whether or not the blue hat guy was bait (or not) is a point of debate. The antifa mob is stepping it up and have apparently decided that they will do this. 2020 is going to be spicy.

You already are a hated minority.

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My “Go Bag” and myth buster!

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Prepper Go Bag for grid-down emergencies and disastersnote: first appeared in July 2015

I am a big believer in layers, redundancy, and modular “prepping.”  I don’t get locked into the conventional way of thinking as most prepper “experts” do. I try to think in terms of, and focus on, “mission.” And the same applies to my “Go Bag” and how it integrates with my overall philosophy on my “prepper” way of life.

So, as always, I always designate a “mission” for everything I have.  For my gear and equipment I want ensure that I am staying on task, staying focused and not just acquiring “stuff” for its own sake. So here is my “Go Bag” mission:

A bag that contains the absolute minimum to defend myself, my family and begin the trip to my survival cache. To minimally survive independent of any other source of resources while maintaining as low a profile as possible.

No! This is not a good "go bag" at all. It will get you killed.

No! This is…

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There Isn’t A War Until Someone Fights Back

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Wisdom in contradiction (h/t Bracken) to the standard post-Yalta narrative..

The Soviets won the Greatest Generation’s war.

That victory allowed them and their Commie-lite pals in the US to divide the world for nearly 50 years.

The Han heirs to the Soviet mass murderers, aided by their global allies, are now planning and executing a global clean-up operation to be completed NLT than the centenary of Mao’s triumph in 1949.

Don’t believe the hype.

You are surrounded by Reds here in FUSA 2019.

You know what you must do.

Harden your hearts.

Toughen your body.

Build your skill sets.

And keep working your intel ops.

The Big Game is coming.

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Idle Thoughts On Choreographed Dance


This post is the fulfillment of my newfound lifelong interest in choreographed dance. It’s also a weekend open thread.

Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio performs in this video for “Luna de Miel.” I think this is from 1979. Castilian-lisp Spanish is the best kind of Spanish. You’ll notice it in her pronunciation of “s” and “z” sounds as “th.”

The other thing that caught my attention in the video is what you can call the default in pop-culture choreographed dance, before Eighties’ era emphasis on technical perfection, along with the drift away from traditional sexual polarity. Through the recent decades the dancers and their dance have become more androgynous, the art directors jettisoning any remaining connection to the dance being what it’s always been, which is stylized courtship between man and woman. For that long-forgotten sensuality, take a look at this video:

Pretty smooth, isn’t it, when she twice hands…

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