My Bad

Western Rifle Shooters Association

A reader rightfully takes me to task for this post yesterday:

I’m sure many others will chime in but, this “Complete Gun Ban” … isn’t. That long list of every non AR you ever heard of is list of EXEMPTIONS to the ban, including the aforementioned Rem 700 and 870. Even the Mini 14 will be “allowed.”

I have nothing but contempt for this bill and those who promulgate it but let’s get the facts right. Hysteria serves us ill.

(e) Appendix A.—Section 922 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

Centerfire Rifles—autoloaders
“Benelli R1 Rifle
“Browning BAR Mark II Safari Magnum Rifle
“Browning BAR Mark II Safari Semi-Auto Rifle
“Browning BAR Stalker Rifles
“Browning High-Power Rifle
“Browning Longtrac Rifle
“Browning Shorttrac Rifle
“Heckler & Koch HK630
“Heckler & Koch HK770

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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