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There weren’t many comments that warranted inclusion here, so there’s a couple from emails.


I live in NW MT, where griz and mountain lions are common.  We had a griz attack a few weeks ago, stopped by two shooters with .357 and .44 mag.  I had a mountain lion on property two weeks ago, which I frightened away with a round from my G17 (which I thankfully had on me).  Our game warden warned us to upgrade from our daily carry 9mm with the lion and bear risk in mind, and to switch from hollow points to cast bullets.  Do you have a recommendation for a handgun with the big predator threat in mind?

I had one very close encounter with a grizzly sow, at about 15 yards, who happened to have a very curious cub. I was armed with a .357 at the time, and all I remember…

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73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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