Resist the abolishment of our 2nd Amendment Rights


By Richard Lewis Grimes II

There was only one thing that stopped the Bundy ranch from becoming another Ruby ridge or Waco, that was the quick response of the South Western Militia groups and his friends and neighbors to the scene after he refused to give into an illegal Government order. If we are to resist, the abolishment of our 2nd Amendment rights in this state and country, we are going to have to resort to the same tactics as they did.

Which is why it is important for all of us to get to know each other and trust each other to be there when and if needed. It doesn’t mean that shots have to be fired like Lexington and Concord, but it does mean that if one of us targeted by the government with 20 or 30 government agents trying to unconstitutionally seize our weapons, then within an hour, there must be at least that many citizens arriving on the scene to resist that activity and if possible surround and disarm, or at least nullify the actions of said Government agents by force of numbers.

That is why we need to form pro Constitutional groups, call them what you will, Militias, Response Units, Minute Men and get more friendly with other such groups and Patriots in our area. We must also be prepared to drop anything at anytime to come to the aid of anyone that becomes a target for any such unlawful seizure. There is a reason why the first militias were called Minute Men and it wasn’t because that was how long they lasted in bed or stayed sober on weekends.

Make your choice, either you are prepared to defend yourself and your brothers, sisters and other citizens or you are ready to become a sheep. We are at the point where there is no in-between. The Bill of Rights was not added to the Constitution to list the rights that government was giving to the people.

The Bill of Rights was add, at the demand of several states to list the “Natural Rights of all Free Men that Government could not restrict or take away.” The First Amendment is the first simply be cause it is the most important one of all, the right to freely express yourself is the most important right of all. But without the Second Amendment to enforce your rights contained in the rest of the document, you will soon have none of them.

Remember what the framers said “We give you a Republic, if you are strong enough to keep it.” So I ask, “Are You?”

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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