Female Modesty

by PA

One very delightful thing about K-selected women is how they do their hair in either braids to their men’s taste.


Under K-selection, we are all at our best. It is such a joy to see that anywhere.

On that subject: three beautiful ladies sing this patriotic song, written by Jan Pietrzak in 1988. (Aside: his songs were illegal when I first listened to them at age 12 because he was an anti-communist artist. I was very pleased, recently, to find out that he’s doing well today and more so, that he condemned Merkel’s flooding of Europe with “refugees.”)

First, the translated lyrics:

There is a place at the crossroads,
Where the West meets the East…
Our centre of the universe,
Our poor paradise…
There is such a place,
Such a land.

Flowing smoke above pastures,
Willows like ghosts, in the veils of fog…
Here is a roadside cross,
There is a sacred forest…
There is such a place,
Such a land.

Who wants to stay in despair here,
To wring one’s hands, to cry and drink…
He’s got that right,
Without a doubt…
There is such a place,
Such a land.

Hope is taught by those
Who throw their lives onto the pyre…
For the graves of our forefathers,
For the Third of May…
There is such a place,
Such a land.

From generations of pain, from sacrificial blood,
Days of victorious glory are coming…
So help us, God!
And grant us perseverance…
Here is our place,
This is our land!

Patrycja is nervous but the lioness within flashes her claw:

Sylwia knows that there is an element of prayer to this song:

Katarzyna knows that humility is the way to the epic, for those who are called (given the talent):

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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