Vehicle Emergency Bag/Box (VEB)

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Vehicle emergency box bagnote: first appeared in July 2015

Yeah, another bag/box of emergency equipment. Go ahead…laugh at me if you want to. I probably would if I was you. But hey, my job is to provide you with information that is both practical and useful for emergencies, disasters and grid-down. And having a vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere is an emergency in my book.

The scenario that I saw that is driving the need for a Vehicle Emergency Bag/Box (VEB) is simple. You or a family member is in a vehicle out in the middle of nowhere, no communications capability, and the vehicle breaks down. The threats remain the same for this scenario as with any other; violence, injury/sickness, etc.

So we have to meet those threats with solutions.

Having 20 years of experience responding to traffic accidents I have come to the conclusion that the number one threat to…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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