BLOAT – Buy Lots Of Ammo Today (Supplemental)

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A couple of reax to Saturday’s Do It Now post:

Reader #1:

CA, Noticing your blurb about bulk XM193, thought I’d mention something.
I would seldom use ARFCOM as a source but there is a thread there RE next year’s switch of operating the Lake City plant from ATK (Federal) to Olin (Winchester).
Fairly short thread (so far) is here:

You’ll recognize chaff from grain but there are a couple of relevant posts, and the gist of it regarding direct impact (NIL) is correct. ([PERSEC] corroborating, who work at Rock Isl where the command is that manages the ammo plants.)

* If you don’t feel like citing ARFCOM, here’s the direct link for the PR blurb on the transition.

The alarmists on the webs will likely flail arms generally, and some will take a run at Fed XM193 because “election” but that will happen regardless of the type…

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