Camouflage Clothing…to stay alive! : Part #2

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campuflage clothing part 1note: article first appeared in October 2015

In the first article of this series I explained how humans “see” things, talked about what stands out, and where humans naturally don’t look. I also went into a couple examples of “narrative” and how that factors into humans’ ability to spot other humans.

If you haven’t read that first article from yesterday I would suggest that you do. It will make reading this article easier for you.

I ended the first article with the following pictures and asked a couple of questions. Review time…

So let me use visual examples as reference. Below is an example of the environment around where I live. And there is a man standing in that environment about 30 yards away from the camera.He is wearing a typical t-shirt.

White t-shirt in the desertWhere do your eyes naturally go to? Where does your gaze come to rest almost immediately?

Based on…

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