Alabama woman Jessica Taylor announces her candidacy for Congress by bashing socialism


Prattville attorney and businesswoman Jessica Taylor Prattville, Alabama attorney and businesswoman Jessica Taylor

I love to feature conservative women who want to run for office and make a difference in the laws and policies of our nation. A long time back, I supported Michele Bachmann for President over all the other candidates. I wrote dozens and dozens of posts promoting her policies. But the truth is, we have lots of good conservative women candidates, with conservative accomplishments. Here’s a new one.

Take a look at this short campaign ad from Jessica Taylor.

The ad:

Love that accent.

The Federalist Papers reports:

An Alabama business woman, Jessica Taylor, just called out our favorite socialist superstar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in an ad announcing her candidacy for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional district.

The ad starts by showcasing candidate Taylor’s basketball career and her career in public service before she then turns here ire on Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called “squad.”


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“Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 1, The .308 Winchester to .32ACP Cartridge Adapter

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

As you’ll see in the post, one of the reasons I’ve picked my 11″Para FAL as my “Survival Rifle” is how well it does with the .32ACP adapter used for small game.

I have been fascinated by cartridge adapters since I read an article about the .22LR to .223Rem adapter when I was a kid. The idea that you could have a full powered firearm, and be able to use a less powerful round for taking small game or practice with, just made sense for this aspiring Survivalist.

Fast forward about seven years and I had acquired two Harry Owens .32ACP-.308Win. adapters for my HK91 and used them….A LOT! The main problem with those adapters was that at 25 yards, your hold over was about 6-7 inches. I had a Springfield Armory 6x scope with a BDC reticle, and had to hold at the 700 meter hash mark. The HK91…

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A Sense Of What Spicy Time Will Mean

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From over the transom:

News out of Mexico is El Chapo’s son was grabbed by the authorities. The footage is interesting for professional reasons. Here are some sources:

Here’s the thread:

Mexico is lit.

And FUSA will follow, especially if the Coup succeeds.

Plan accordingly.

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The Satanic Origins of the Kenite, Canaanite and Edomite Jews

A Company of Nations

The people who bear the name of Jews today are commonly regarded by the denominational churches as the legitimate and whole chosen people of Scripture. This is of course utterly erroneous on several levels, and here we will expose the nature of these devilish falsehoods.

The greater portion of Israel never had any part in the tribe of Judah, the Kingdom of Judah or the province of Judaea, and none of them were ever called Jews. The vast majority of the children of Israel left Egypt and Western Asia between 3,600-2,700 years ago to fulfill the promise to Jacob-Israel that his “seed” would “become many nations” and “a company of nations”.

‘The Dispersions of Israel: a Company of Nations’

‘Scythian Origins: the Lost Tribes in Iran, the Steppe and Europe’

‘The Israelite Origins of Europa: the Phoenicians in the West’

‘Dardan, Danaan and Dorian Origins: the Mediterranean…

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