Scout Course Fall 2019 Pics


The Brushbeater Scout Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of marksmanship and small team skills to effectively employ three man teams to conduct reconnaissance, intelligence collection, and combat at extended ranges.

100_1056 Run what you brung and make those rounds count. All students hump their gear to the range, quickly learning what they need and what they need to shed.

100_1057 So your rifle is 1/4 MOA, but are you? Students shooting for groups from prone supported, working on the fundamentals of marksmanship.

100_1058 Proper prone position on left. Both feet and heels on the ground and squared up behind the rifle to absorb recoil.

100_1062 Seated position.

100_1064 Buddy supported.

100_1066 Buddy supported shooting positions develop trust in your team mates and confidence in your own capabilities.

100_1068 Students engage steel targets at unknown distances ranging from 150m to 450m.

100_1060 Basic weapon camoflaging. Krylon paint, a camo net, and the dominant natural vegetation.

100_1061 Clear the…

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