2017 UPDATE: DTG’s 10 Week Plan to Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario for Beginners

via 2017 UPDATE: DTG’s 10 Week Plan to Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario for Beginners

REPRIEVE UPDATE:  The Nation, having been granted a reprieve (unknown longevity) due to the election of a non-Marxist Chief Executive, is now able to start on getting their collective shit together, preparedness wise.  Read the whole thing, including the scenario, and replace with your own as you see fit.  It is still a valid 10 week program; hopefully, if you’re a newbie to prepping and survivalism, you won’t go back to sleep now.  That could prove fatal, situation dependent, not only for you, but your family.  Careful consideration is called for.

I’ve gotten a consistent number of requests to re-post this for folks just starting to understand what they might need to consider.  Feel free to add any other helpful comments for the brand new folks.

Last update:  17 October 2016. 

The only update I can add to this is during the ensuing time, no matter who wins on 8 November, there’s sure to be violent fall out to either forward an agenda by the Transnational Globalist Marxists or to attempt to cause an outright civil war that would necessitate the suspension of Constitutional protections (what’s left of them) according to the powers that STILL BE.  That being the case, YOU, yes, YOU have until 20 January to get yourself and your family’s ‘shit’ together.  Follow this outline if you can, and add something else in it:  Study and training.  Across the board.  First priority:  First Aid/Medical training.  Then food storage.  Then survival.  Then tactics & weapons.  This is not contradictory.  Yes, you need to know how to effectively use a weapon, but you also need, desperately, how to tend to wounds, injuries, infections and disease not typically seen in a ‘normal’ setting.  You need to know how to purify water; how to put up food so it will last, you need communications training, you need intelligence training (Culper’s got the best out there that I’ve seen, but you look around and find out for yourself).

Bottom line:  Your entire existence from now until 21 January needs to be one of study, exercise, training, study, frugal purchasing, setting up your home or ‘hidey hole’ so your family can make it, and so on.

Remember, there’s an old saying that I live by: “There are no victims, only volunteers….”

H/T to a commenter, “Doug” @ 10/6, 7:07, over at Wirecutter’s place, for the inspiration to update this post again  .

It’s been over 6 8 10 years since I wrote this under my since retired ‘nom de guerre’, and a very good friend of mine at Western Rifle Shooter’s Association again asked me if I’d mind updating it (same one who asked last time).  This is a good base plan for folks you might know just waking up to the fact that things are spinning faster in the vortex than ever before, and this might be the best last chance for them to get themselves in gear.  Feel free to add or take away as your situation and local area conditions may require.  This is by no means the best or only plan, rather, one that may help someone with no knowledge or skills.  There are other good perspectives on this subject out there, and they shouldn’t be discounted.  Much like this one.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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