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I’m one of them and really appreciate the articles.


The Patreon address, because a number of people have asked, is

While I’ve been remiss in posting here, they’ve been getting their posts weekly…and with well over 500 paying subscribers, I must be doing okay with my content over there….

You’ve already sold me on the performance of the AR over the AK, but which is the better option in terms of sustainability or logistics in the face of a tough times scenario with limited future access to spare parts or professional gunsmithing? In other words, which one is best from the auxiliary team’s perspective?

Is the US military carrying AKs? Are there any law enforcement agencies in the US carrying AKs?


What are your thoughts on exterior lighting for security in a grid up situation? Is it safer for the property to be dark, or is perimeter lighting advisable?


If everyone around you is lit…

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