Über Quote For The Flaming Twenties

Western Rifle Shooters Association

“What this [collusion ‘investigation’/impeachment scam/Deep State coup d’état/Red putsch] has shown is that the covenant is broken. We agreed that we would vote, and whoever won got to set policy and whoever lost would abide by it. We kept our end under Obama, even as we suspected there was major corruption, criminal activity, and treason. But then it was violated by Democrats with Illegal Alien sanctuaries. We retaliated with Second Amendment sanctuaries, and would have let it go there. But now the Democrats have shown they will not do the same, as they have tried to overturn the election for the highest leader in the land. Impeachment is the turning point, beyond which the national covenant has broken. Unless Q and Trump break out something amazing, Boogaloo it is.”

Anonymous Conservative

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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