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Read this as well. Note that in articles and newscasts, there has not been to my knowledge ANY comparison of the “the law is the Law” to the Nazi defense of “I was just following orders.”

In the Nuremberg trials, that defense was weak sauce.

Here are some side dishes and garnish for the main meal:

Look up a report at “theblackvault”

On Resisting Social Influence
Susan Andersen and Philip Zimbardo
Stanford University

ONR Technical Report Z-79-01
September, 1979

Milgram’s earlier work:

Here is his film of the experiment:

Here is the full length version:

Now, tag on what is being discussed in the Virginia House: House Bill 567. Might as well call it “The Enabling Act of 1933.”

It is eerie that I could see the 2020 session and the law in its proposed form at work a few hours ago, now…. with…

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73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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