They. Never. Stop.

The Defensive Training Group

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They’re like zombies – they don’t stop until you take away their authorization to inhale and exhale legislatively speaking.

“It’ll never pass,” you say.  “Trump will never sign it,” you say.  People thought the “Assault Weapons Ban” wouldn’t pass, either.  They’re going to keep throwing things against the wall until it sticks and people pass it.  And then, look out!

Let it sink in real good:  The 2nd Amendment goes, and it’s over.  It’ll be boxcars and transport trucks next.  Peace, or relative peace, only exist in this country because of two elements:  God’s Grace, and all the guns and ammo in private hands.

Every un-American gun bill imaginable is in H.R. 5717!

federal license to transport gun and ammo

cannot buy ammo for another person, like your wife or brother

poor won’t be able to afford the license

background check reform: outlaw private…

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